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Player Suspensions

Any player receiving a games suspension as a result of offences committed while playing for a Saturday club would be suspended from all Saturday football until his Saturday club has played and completed the requisite number of games. A player transferred to a new club can not play until his new club has played and completed the required amount of games.

The suspension page updates automatically after results appear on the website. This page is for information purposes and if you have any queries then please contact our discipline secretary

Players Currently Serving a Games Suspension

No.PlayerTeamGamesStart Date
1Brian McLeodBothwell and Uddingston Albion318/11/14
2Ryan KaneBridgewater AFC512/12/14
3Keith MitchellCampbeltown Pupils AFC212/12/14
4Dale DooganCarlton YMCA AFC128/11/14
5William MuirCarlton YMCA AFC128/11/14
6Graeme FanningClydebank AFC312/12/14
7Stuart CowanClydebank AFC212/12/14
8Andrew CampbellFC Clydebank412/12/14
9Ross JacksonFC Clydebank112/12/14
10Ross JacksonFC Clydebank112/12/14
11Derek HewittFinnart AFC228/11/14
12Craig BernGiffnock AFC112/12/14
13Paul KellyGiffnock AFC314/11/14
14Simon ConnellyGiffnock AFC112/12/14
15Paul McGuireHillington AFC128/11/14
16Craig SmithKilbowie Union AFC112/12/14
17David ConnollyKilbowie Union AFC412/12/14
18Jay MalarkeyKilbowie Union AFC112/12/14
19Joseph FerrisKilbowie Union AFC212/12/14
20Innes MeikleLochgilphead Red Star212/12/14
21Gerry McGintyMilton of Colquoun312/12/14
22Tommy CunninghamMilton of Colquoun112/12/14
23John FowlerMotherwell Thistle AFC112/12/14
24Edwin MuzaalePaisley AFC418/12/14
25Scott McNabPort Glasgow AFC212/12/14
26Sean ArmstrongRosehill Star128/11/14
27Stephen BellRutherglen AFC112/12/14
28Thomas CrawfordShawlands F.P (B)212/12/14
29James PrenticeTarbert AFC112/12/14

Players Awaiting a Games Suspension

No.PlayerTeamGamesStart Date
1Robert DonnellyBusby AFC102/01/15
2Gary PairmanFC Argyll102/01/15
3Scott WatsonMotherwell Thistle AFC102/01/15
4Colin WoodRutherglen AFC402/01/15
5Craig MontgomeryRutherglen AFC102/01/15

Players Currently Serving a Date Suspension

No.PlayerTeamStart DateEnd Date
1Jack BennettGoldenhill AFC12/09/1312/03/15
2Lucas AldersonLochgilphead Red Star22/09/1422/06/15
3Gary HansonFerguslie Star AFC26/09/1326/09/15
4Joseph DonnachiePort Glasgow AFC01/06/1201/06/17
5David FergusonJamestown AFC21/01/1421/01/24


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