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Player Suspensions

Any player receiving a games suspension as a result of offences committed while playing for a Saturday club would be suspended from all Saturday football until his Saturday club has played and completed the requisite number of games. A player transferred to a new club can not play until his new club has played and completed the required amount of games.

The suspension page updates automatically after results appear on the website. This page is for information purposes and if you have any queries then please contact our discipline secretary

Players Currently Serving a Games Suspension

No.PlayerTeamGamesStart Date
1Sunil ChatterjeeDrumchapel Amateurs Colts101/09/15
2Matt MooreGoldenhill AFC114/08/15
3Daniel MunroInverkip Thistle AFC220/03/15
4Kevin RiceInverkip Thistle AFC113/02/15
5Ryan HalpinKilbowie Union AFC108/05/15
6Gary McPhailMilton of Colquhoun AFC114/08/15
7Dean SmithOban Saints AFC114/08/15
8Ryan McDonaldRosehill Star101/09/15
9Paul ForemanWhitehill FP AFC228/08/15

Players Awaiting a Games Suspension

No.PlayerTeamGamesStart Date
1Brian MelvinFC Argyle AFC211/09/15
2Brian BlairFinnart AFC211/09/15
3James ParrRutherglen AFC111/09/15

Players Currently Serving a Date Suspension

No.PlayerTeamStart DateEnd Date
1Gary HansonFerguslie Star AFC26/09/1326/09/15
2Nicholas HughesWhitehill FP AFC26/01/1526/10/15
3Joseph DonnachiePort Glasgow AFC01/06/1201/06/17
4David FergusonJamestown AFC21/01/1421/01/24


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