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  • Fixtures allocated to referees are advised on the SAFL website at latest on a Sunday prior to a Saturday fixture or 6 days prior to a midweek fixture.
  • Referees listed as on "Standby" are advised in the "News" tab of the website. Standby referees must remain available in event of a "call off". Games cannot be accepted from other leagues unless permission is given by the SAFL referee co-ordinator.
  • Referees are reminded that Club Match Secretaries must confirm the fixture to them not later than the Tuesday night preceding any Saturday game. Please inform the League Match Secretary if this is not carried out.
  • Referees, having accepted an appointment, and then being unable to fulfil this appointment, should advise the League Match Secretary / Assistant Match Secretary and the home team Match Secretary.
  • Referees on no account appoint a substitute to any game unless sanction has been granted by the League Match Secretary or Assistant Match Secretary.
  • Fee for season - £40. For trips over 60 miles the fee is £40 plus 15 pence per mile after the first sixty miles. To be paid by home club (except cup ties which are shared) before the game starts. Trips to Dunoon are match fee plus ferry fare. Assistant Referee £30.
  • Referees are expected to be allocated at least one fixture per season in Argyll area. Fixtures at Dunoon are NOT classified as a fixture in the Argyll area.
  • The official kick off time for all Saturday afternoon games will be 2pm including domestic cup ties which are 90mins only then straight to penalties. Scottish / West ties subject to confirmation.
  • Referees are reminded that grounds registered in the handbook are the only ground clubs can play unless special permission is given.
  • All referees are requested to be at the ground at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off times.
  • Referees are reminded that goal nets and corner flags must be used in all matches under the auspices of the League.
  • Referees must not start a game without goal nets or corner flags.
  • Referees must supply linesman flags and ensure club officials act as linesmen.
  • Referees must not unnecessarily delay kick off times when teams have not their full complement of players.
  • The actual kick off time must be recorded by referees on the match team lines and in cases where the kick off is late, referees are requested to assist the League by stating the reasons for the late kick off on the reverse side of one of the team lines being forwarded to the League Secretary.
  • Referees must sign and exchange with clubs a copy of team lines BEFORE the commencement of the game.
  • Referees are reminded that they should indicate on the team lines whether or not the substitutes played by ticking box next to "Sub" when sub played.
  • Referees should indicate on the team lines the caution offence category of any player cautioned during match.
  • Referees should also indicate on the team lines when any player has been ordered off and then issue a separate report for each ordering off offence. 
  • Referees must send team lines to reach the Discipline Secretary by first post on the Tuesday following the match. When a report about a match is required, this should be sent directly to the Discipline Secretary with the team lines.
  • Misconduct Report forms as a minimum should consider the following content:                                                                                                                                                         “Who”, “When”, “Where”, “Position” and “Offence Criteria” as described in “Laws of the Game”.
  • If a Referee has any questions or clarifications then they should contact the SAFL Referee Coordinator (Jim Pearson 07795484558) or the current SAFL Referee Delegate.

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