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Standard Offences 2019 - 2020

Below are the Standard Offences for season 2019 - 2020

Fixed Penalties for Standard Offences
(Players do not have to attend a meeting)
OFFENCE                                                                   SUSPENSION
Serious foul play                                                               2 games
Violent Conduct
Adopting a threatening or aggressive attitude                 3 games
Punching an opponent                                                     4 games 
Kicking an opponent                                                        4 games 
Striking an opponent                                                        4 games 
Head to head confrontation                                             4 games
Attempting to punch an opponent                                    3 games 
Attempting to kick an opponent                                       3 games 
Attempting to strike an opponent                                     3 games 
Eyeball to eyeball confrontation                                       3 games 
Pushing head into opponents head                                 6 games 
Pushing an opponent                                                       3 games 
Elbowing opponent in face                                               6 games 
Elbowing opponent on body                                             4 games 
Kicking and punching opponent                                       8 games 
Grabbing opponent by throat                                           4 games 
Stamping on an opponent's body                                     6 games
Denies a goal or goalscoring opportunity by deliberately         
handling the ball                                                               1 game 
Denies a goal goalscoring opportunity to an opponent               
moving towards the player's goal punishable by a free
kick or penalty kick                                                           1 game
Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures 2 games
Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures 3 games 
towards Referee                         
Receiving a second caution in the same match                1 game

Accumulation of Cautions 
1st set of 5 Cautions                                                         1 game
2nd set of 5 Cautions                                                        3 games
3rd set of 5 Cautions                                                         6 games


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