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August Fines due now

Please note that the August Fines are due by 30 September.

Would those teams who have yet to pay, please do this asap to avoid any further penalties.



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september weekend saturday 28th

To all secretaries if you want a fixture on the 28th the september weekend then can you text me no later than this friday the 20th and i will try to give you a fixture for that saturday.

I have been havig troubles with my emails so make sure that you text me if you want a fixture.



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Standard Offences 2019 - 2020

Below are the Standard Offences for season 2019 - 2020

Fixed Penalties for Standard Offences
(Players do not have to attend a meeting)
OFFENCE                                                                   SUSPENSION
Serious foul play                                                               2 games
Violent Conduct
Adopting a threatening or aggressive attitude                 3 games
Punching an opponent                                                     4 games 
Kicking an opponent                                                        4 games 
Striking an opponent                                                        4 games 
Head to head confrontation                                             4 games
Attempting to punch an opponent                                    3 games 
Attempting to kick an opponent                                       3 games 
Attempting to strike an opponent                                     3 games 
Eyeball to eyeball confrontation                                       3 games 
Pushing head into opponents head                                 6 games 
Pushing an opponent                                                       3 games 
Elbowing opponent in face                                               6 games 
Elbowing opponent on body                                             4 games 
Kicking and punching opponent                                       8 games 
Grabbing opponent by throat                                           4 games 
Stamping on an opponent's body                                     6 games
Denies a goal or goalscoring opportunity by deliberately         
handling the ball                                                               1 game 
Denies a goal goalscoring opportunity to an opponent               
moving towards the player's goal punishable by a free
kick or penalty kick                                                           1 game
Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures 2 games
Offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures 3 games 
towards Referee                         
Receiving a second caution in the same match                1 game

Accumulation of Cautions 
1st set of 5 Cautions                                                         1 game
2nd set of 5 Cautions                                                        3 games
3rd set of 5 Cautions                                                         6 games

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Thats the fixtures up for the 10th,17th,24th August

Cup fixtures

League fixtures

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