Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame 2017

Stewart Douglas,Carlton YM
Over the past 65 years, the boy who had the vision to start the Carlton side has been the guiding hand. While Carlton YM has been his life’s work, it has never been a chore, and he still exudes the same enthusiasm for the club as he has always done. He stopped playing prematurely to look after the increased admin required to run the club. And as if looking after the club wasn’t enough, he also had a successful business career, played cricket for Old Grammarians and golf at Erskine Golf Club. He is Chairman of the Renfrewshire FA, is on the board of Management at Paisley YMCA, and has received a YMCA Scotland Volunteer of the Year award, and numerous awards for his services to sport in Renfrewshire.

Scott McCondichie, Shawlands FP
Scott joined Shawlands at the age of 17, when he was a keeper and played more than 300 games for the club with the same enthusiasm and total dedication whether he was playing for the first or second eleven. He became the players’ representative on the Shawlands committee, where he took his duties seriously, and he soon moved up the ranks within the committee, listening and learning all the while.

There was a time when the name Rab Bowman was synonymous with Shawlands FP, and Rab recalls saying that when he retired, that mantle would fall on the shoulders of Scott. And so it proved.

He is currently Secretary and Match Secretary of the club, and still attends as many games as possible. He will also have the distinction of leading his club into their 60th anniversary season.

Kevin Mackenzie, Dunoon AFC
Kevin made his debut for Dunoon Amateurs in the 1988/89 season and has gone on to become the club’s record goalscorer, with a tally of more than 370 goals to his name.

His best total for a single season was 53 goals in season 1994/95 which, if it isn’t a record, is certainly one of highest from any individual player within amateur football. Hardly surprisingly, he was voted the club’s player of the year that season. But apart from that huge haul of goals that year, he’s a model of consistency, having managed to score every season since making his debut and was Dunoon Amateur’s top goalscorer for nine consecutive seasons.

After all these years, Kevin is still playing, though perhaps not quite as often as before, but his commitment to Dunoon Amateurs remains undiminished and his enthusiasm and dedication is an example to all the younger players. And having netted this latest award, it seems that his name will always be synonymous with Dunoon Amateurs.

Gavin Miller, EKRR
Gavin is still a first Xl regular after 20 outstanding years with his club.

He joined the club in 1997 and his enthusiasm and dedication remain undiminished, not just on match days, but at training twice a week.

This is a man who leads by example, through both good times and bad. He has inspired the side to league titles and cup success, but has also conducted himself with great dignity and sportsmanship when relegation hit his beloved club.

To cap all that - literally – he has played for the Scottish amateur international side on nine occasions, a tremendous achievement, but typically, he maintains his selection is an honour for his club, East Kilbride RR, rather than himself, and he is immensely proud of the fact that he has represented them at international level.

To this day, he remains an inspiration and superb role model to everyone at the club.

Robert Russell, Port Glasgow Old Boys Union
Robert joined Port Glasgow Old Boys Union in 1964 as a hard-tackling full back who could also do a more than useful job in the middle of the park.

But on hanging up his boots, he didn’t walk away, he took on the thankless task of manager, and in the years since, has held every possible position in the club – coach, treasurer, secretary. Match secretary – he’s done the lot. On several occasions, he’s kept the club going single-handed, back in the days when there were no mobile phones, txts or social media to keep people informed.

He is still the first one to turn up on match days, and at training nights as well. He’s the one who checks the park on a Friday or Saturday if there’s any doubt about a match being played. It’s a bit of a hike from the car park to the pitch, but our man knows every blade of grass on that pitch, and takes great pride in making sure it’s properly prepared.. Next time you’re at home to OBU, you’ll see him pace across your pitch, and he’ll be able to tell you if there have been any changes since they were last there!

His service to the club is unconditional, and goes way beyond the call of duty. He even re-washes the players’ socks in fabric conditioner when they come back from the laundrette to make them easier to pull over shinguards! And he never looks for recognition. Port OBU are proud to have his input, support and guidance.

Hall of Fame 2013

Alan Bruce, Busby Amateurs
For as long as anyone can remember, Alan has been synonymous with his club. He has played for them, coached them, and has been for many years the main administrator at his club. Quite apart from all that, he has worked strenuously to build up a strong youth section at his club, and currently they run five youth sides and seven junior sides, and he is also the general manager for all of the youngsters’ under-age teams. Many of their youngsters have gone on to play at a higher level. For those who don’t, he continues to provide a strong amateur side for club members to play in

Alan and Russell Davidson, Whitehill FP AFC
A joint award which recognises the power of work done by these two people in ensuring their club is one of the most efficient, trouble-free clubs in the SAFL. Even while they were playing for the club, it was evident that they would be an integral part of the foundations of the side for years to come, and so it has proved, as they have shared the duties of secretary and match secretary of the club for many years. Their club has been fortunate to have the services of two such devoted guys for so many years, and it’s impossible to split twins, so the induction is a joint one.

Charlie Henderson, Paisley AFC
Charlie actually founded his club in 1974, and remains the solid foundation on which the club is built. It is no exaggeration to say that without this man’s dedication and tireless work, the club would not exist today. He was justifiably nominated for the Sunday Mail’s Sports Grassroots Awards four years ago, and while he didn’t win the award, the nomination reflected superbly on him and his club, and by implication, on the Scottish Amateur Football League.

Duncan McAulay, Campbeltown Pupils
Duncan has tasted senior football with Morton and played with other amateur clubs, but kept coming back to his home club, which he joined at the age of 14. A gifted footballer who won numerous honours with the Pupils, he also captained the SAFL Select side on many occasions, including lifting the former Baxter Trophy in the 80s, a trophy played for by select sides from league across Scotland until the early 1990s. Only retiring – reluctantly – long after he passed his 40th birthday, he continued to work tirelessly for his home club as both coach and match secretary, which he still does today.

Keith Millar,Oban Saints
Keith has represented his club on the field of play with distinction for many years. He has also played regularly for the league select, and has played for Scotland at amateur level as well. He has been a fantastic ambassador for his club, and for the Scottish Amateur Football League, both on and off the field. Like Duncan, he just loves playing football, and is happy to play in midfield or up front, wherever he’s needed. He’s been described as a man for all seasons – and maybe you have to be when you play with Oban Saints!

Derek Yuille, Rutherglen AFC
Derek has served amateur football with great distinction and integrity. He’s one of the quiet men of football – and let’s face it, there aren’t that many of them around - but when he does speak, he does so with a quiet authority, and people listen. That is a source of strength for his club, and also for the SAFL, where he has become a welcome fixture. Because as well as being secretary and match secretary of his club, and ensuring everything there runs smoothly, he has willingly given a lot of time to the SAFL in the vital task of auditing the league’s accounts for many years.


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