Fixtures for All Cup Competitions

Saturday 26th October 2019
Centenary Cup, First Round
FC ArgylevBarrhead Arky 14:00Jimmy Litster
Saturday 2nd November 2019
Scottish Cup, Third Round
Easthall Star vMurieston United AFC (LEAFA) 14:00 SAFA to appoint
Glasgow Island AFC (GCAFA)vGlynhill Moorcroft 14:00 SAFA to appoint
GoldenhillvThorn Athletic AFC (CALE) 14:00 SAFA to appoint
InverclydevGartcosh United AFC (CSAFL) 14:00 SAFA to appoint
Meadowbank AFC (LEAFA)vCastlemilk 14:00 SAFA to appoint
Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA)vRutherglen 14:00 SAFA to appoint

NB: Please consult the Free Dates page for teams that have a free date or don't have a fixture for a given date.


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