Scottish Amateur Football League

The Scottish Amateur Football League exists quite simply 'to foster and develop the game of Amateur Association Football'.

That's what it states in article 2 of the league's constitution, and that has been the star which has guided the wise men of the league since its inception at the dawn of the 20th century. A series of irregular challenge matches occupied the early years of that first decade, and only when the gentlemen amateurs of Queens Park, desperate to find new and better opposition for their third and fourth Xls, put up a trophy for competition in 1909, fully expecting to win it, that formal league matches on a regular basis were started.

Queens did win that first league title, with their Victoria (fourth) Xl,but when Edinburgh Civil Service won the title the following year, Queens upped the ante and entered their Hampden (third) Xl for the campaign in year 3, and so the healthy competition, rivalry and cameraderie, that has become the trademark of the SAFL, was born.

Prior to the second world war, the league incorporated teams from across the central belt, but after world war 2, member teams were almost exclusively in the area from Hamilton westwards, the east of Scotland by now having embraced the football code as well. The SAFL is proud of the fact that it has embraced several Argyll clubs, which otherwise would have been isolated on the football map, and brought them into the body of main-stream competition. The SAFL remains the only league prepared to extend such a far-reaching hand of friendship. At its numerical peak, the SAFL ran 12 divisions (8 for first teams, four for reserve sides) in the early 1980s, and built on its reputation for innovative ideas by introducing the two-tier, premier system in 1990, an idea that has been copied, mostly in part, by other leagues since then. Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

A fuller, illustrated history of the SAFL's first 100 years can be seen in '100 Years of Scottish Amateur Football', a special brochure produced in season 2000/2001 by the SAFL to mark its centenary. It is available, price £2 including post and packing, by contacting any of the SAFL office-bearers named on this site.

Office Bearers

Margaret McMillan
President  (
Raymond McMillan
Secretary  (
Derek Milton
Match Secretary  (
Stewart Cameron
Registration Secretary  (
Robert Bowman
Minutes Secretary  (
Derek Milton
Referee Co-ordinator  (
Margaret McMillan
Discipline Secretary  (
Campbell McPherson
Treasurer  (

Divisional Representatives

Danny Cameron – Premier 1
Colin MacDonald – Premier
Frank McCann – Premier 2

SAFA Delegates

Robert Bowman
Charles Henderson


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