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SAFL - Application for Membership - Season 2015-16

Application for Membership


The Scottish Amateur Football League is taking applications for membership for season 2015-16. If your club wishes to apply, they should contact league Secretary, Mike McLean, in the first instance giving some background information. This info should include a brief club history, siz... Read full article
27th January 2015


31st Jan 2015 Cup Referees and Standby Referees

Fosters Scottish Amateur CupGordon HayJames CarberryWest of Scotland Cup... Read full article
25th January 2015


Centenary Trophy Final

The Centenary Trophy Final will be between Finnart and Goldenhill. Details of Final match will be listed here a... Read full article
17th November 2014

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Latest League Results - Premier

Select League
13th December 2014
Campbeltown Pupils AFC 3 - 0 Busby AFC
Finnart AFC 4 - 4 Alba Thistle AFC
Thorn Athletic AFC 3 - 2 Kings Park Rangers AFC
6th December 2014
Busby AFC 2 - 1 Kings Park Rangers AFC
29th November 2014
Alba Thistle AFC 2 - 1 Busby AFC
Finnart AFC 4 - 1 Oban Saints AFC
Kings Park Rangers AFC 1 - 3 Haldane United AFC

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Latest Cup Results - Centenary

Select Cup
15th November 2014      
Motherwell Thistle AFC 1 - 5Finnart AFC
22nd November 2014      
Goldenhill AFC 3 - 1Hillington AFC
4th September 2014      
Goldenhill AFC 5 - 2St. Josephs FP AFC
6th September 2014      
Finnart AFC 3 - 3Alba Thistle AFC
13th September 2014      
Goldenhill AFC 5 - 2St. Josephs FP AFC
20th September 2014      
Hillington AFC 3 - 2Eaglesham AFC
25th October 2014      
Port Glasgow AFC 2 - 3Motherwell Thistle AFC

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